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The lomi lomi is a traditional folk medicine that has been communicated from generation to generation from ancient Hawaii dynasty. Lomi Lomi in Hawaiian and "rub, massage, love traveling in the palm
" There is a sense that.
Were present in the Kamehameha dynasty "Kahuna" and is transmitted only to those who would have a special ability to be called,"Kahuna" had a role as an expert (Sherman) to protect the health of people.

All various upset phenomenon that appears on the body mind, we believe that a large effect that is tied deeply involved with the soul,When you became upset is drinking the Hawaii of herbs that were formulated in the Kahuna, to have the feeling of aloha (love),

That person, prayer and so can help you sincerely to be healed (pre), by touching the people of the body,
It was believed to be able to heal mind and upset not only heal the physical fatigue.
Lomi Lomi is the art of mind-body-Hawaiian tradition that has been handed down in the hope that harmony of soul knowledge and technology of crystal.




Is defined as the "heart of the cleaning. Prayer, discussion, confession, repentance, family meeting to arrange the relationship by compensation and forgiveness of each other" words.
  This word has been known as a family or words that refer to the healing of personal.
Ho'oponopono to the principle that "bear full responsibility", it is healing way transmitted to Hawaii.

People take and is a responsibility for all of life, he is seen, heard, and is to take taste, t
he responsibility of all of that touch.  And every experience is, therefore is present in his life, it was taught that "involves the responsibility of the people. The "The full responsibility, all things exist as a projection from the human inner face, the problem lies not in the reality of the external world,

Yes with our own, to change the reality, we preached the "must first change themselves.
Everything is present as a projection from the human inner surface problem not in the real world outside,
Yes with our own, to change the reality, we preached the "must first change themselves.
Ho'oponopono is, aims to free the spirit from the spell of Karma by stepping on the 14 stages of the process.
"Thank you," "I'm sorry" "Please forgive me", "I love you" thing to be cleaned by converting the subconscious other than words of

Palm whole-finger, elbow, upper arm or the like is used, press and friction to it,

stroking, tapping such as pull-to-vibration massage.

Without causing undue pain to the other party, since I treatment in pleasant stimulus,

there is no fir-back enough to you may say almost with.

The approach to the muscles and joint, to increase the flexibility and reduce muscle spasms

that affect the alignment of the joints, the circulation of the whole body

(Lymph, arteries, veins) well and can be highly effective than expected By matching the breathing and stretching that will enhance the well to metabolize blood circulation of each organ.


But feel the body is subjected is gentle, soon also to the nerve cells in that muscle is to mentally

relax loose penetrate, except as fundamental pain,

the natural healing power that is inherent also help to emotional stability increases.
Respiratory, digestive system, such as those of excretory function enhanced to

promote blood circulation, stiff neck, back pain, muscle fatigue,

frozen shoulder, headache, poor circulation, constipation, edema stress also, beauty surface

by removing the waste products that have accumulated in the body There is also effective in
It will also be the tightening effect of the skin. I can feel is comfortably the body was clean and lightly.


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