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What Is Aroma Therapy?

 The word Aromatherapy (Aromatherapy) was a French scientist Gattefoss is,

are solely burns in an accident during the experiment, by chance,

burns where wearing the hand to hand in had lavender essential oil (essential oil) is worse Dokoroka and I had healed at a rate such as to surprise. Essential oil is not only heal the wounds, disinfection,

analgesic effect, also to increase the immunity of the body discovery 

This efficacy by themselves experience, was started when named this natural therapy and aromatherapy.

70s Italy, there is an example of using the University of Milan, Professor Paolo Robesuti bergamot,

orange, lemon essence extracted from local native fruits such as as psychotherapeutic agents.
Oil smell of, Robesuti and was freed awaken the repressed memory and

emotions that had brought an adverse effect on the mind of the patient has said.

Get rid of anxiety essential oils, fragrance has other marjoram also, though up Cypress,

rose, lavender, example of using the repressed memory and emotions that had brought an adverse effect on the mind as psychotherapeutic agents were freed by awaken the has been demonstrated to exert an effect on the spirit and furniture.

Essential oil was also an indispensable item in mummy making and have been used to such treatment

and religious ceremonies from before thousands of years Egypt.  Pine, cedarwood, myrrh,

to the smell of natural aromatic plants of cinnamon, etc.
Is I have found that has the power to delay the corruption and corrosion.
When you open Tutankhamun's tomb in 1922, archaeologists will discover a pot of Neri incense, is that there are still frankincense smell of Why do not you open it was left, I am mysterious.

What is essential oil?

Essential oils, plant flowers, leaves, plastic, Kihate-peel, bark, roots, natural material extracted from such fruit, is volatile fragrance materials containing a high concentration of active ingredient.
Is about 3500 types what is said to herbs (aromatic plants) among the plant, there plant is about 200 types that take the essential oil among them. 3 liters only to not take the essential oil from the very least, for example,

1 ton of lavender amount of essential oils that are extracted from plants,
Rose essential oil 1 drop of about 50 duty of rose petals to take you have been referred to as necessary.

When present in nature is of about 1%, distillation, since it is concentrated
It is important to use still is diluted to about 1% even when in use.
You can expect a variety of effects just one of the essential oil, but up further synergistic effect if blend of several types.  First scent to relax the mind and body approach to the limbic system which controls the secretion of hormones and is the immune system a center of the brain from the nose.

Effective depression action, the efficacy of such relief of headaches and menstrual cramps, and penetrate into the body through the skin, to adjust the autonomic nerves to increase metabolism in the active flow of blood and lymph to balance the hormones, the body activity to remove the oxygen and waste products, and then to normal the work of the organ.

About in the body, and then acting on each organ stay 75 hours (3 days).
Ultimately urine and sweat, foreign to waste through breathing, toxins are excreted.
Treatment after, is very important is to ingest than more than double of your water always,
Cells will collar Su beautifully is activated every corner.

            Can not person * notes the aromatherapy

◎ If you are high fever, people of high blood pressure, gout, those of rheumatism
◎ If you are pregnant
◎ those of severe diabetes
◎ those of severe bone crude disease
◎ If you are suffering from infectious diseases
◎ it is and who was of severe athlete's foot and                            inflammation in the foot
◎ The injuries to the feet, who is abnormal, such as sprain
◎ If you are being treated by a doctor

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